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August 2017

For several years already, LASE group offers the possibility for students to do a work placement practice. That is also how Jitse and Tom ended up at LASE group: they came to work here on their dissertation project for four months earlier this year. Their project consisted of building an automated sheet metal storage system. Our general manager and our head of mechanical engineering guided them through this automation project.

Jitse and Tom were happy to be part of our team during four months: "This was a big challenge for us as we worked on a large project with several subparts. We had to use all our knowledge that we acquired in different fields during our academic education. The most important thing we learned over here is project management. In real business life later on, we will have to plan our project well: we will have to think about when and how we are going to carry out certain things, we will have to order parts in time and we will certainly encounter difficulties, so we have to be able to find creative solutions for every problem."

In the end, this project will be realized in the new sheet metal factory that LASE group is building.

Stagerapport_Jitse en Tom_12-10-2017.JPG
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