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Turnkey Solutions


As OEM or Tier I/II supplier, you control and adjust your production processes at any time. We at LASE group give you that control to deal with a single company that offers you a turnkey solution from design to implementation. Thanks to this unique approach, LASE group has been a preferred supplier to many of the world's largest automotive manufacturers for years. 


We produce everything in house thanks to a team of more than 30 employees. We do not rely on subcontractors for automation projects. It means that we take out miscommunication, your schedule will not suffer and there are no doubts about the responsibilities.


In other words: LASE group always takes full responsibility.


LASE group's engineers design the most suitable solution for your need. LASE group also takes the appropriate measures from the very beginning in order to minimize the risk of mistakes and to make your process as failsafe as possible.

LASE group design strategy enhances your production process in a way that it is almost impossible to make mistakes. 


All parts of your system are manufactured in house, in LASE group's toolshop in Belgium, in a quality controlled environment. We do not subcontract work to third party companies and we only integrate renowned standard components into our systems.


When finished and tested, your automation project is ready to use (plug and play). It is manufactured to the highest quality standards and delivered anywhere around the world. LASE group specialists arrive on site to set up the system and train your staff thoroughly and effectively. 

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