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LASE group is an internationally renowned machine manufacturer in the automotive industry and is located in Herk-de-Stad. We supply innovative automation systems, robot cells and production lines to customers such as Porsche and Bentley. In order to build the machines according to technical drawings and plans, we are still looking for a mechanic to join our LASE team.

Your tasks will consist of

  • Assembling machines for the automotive industry according to plans based on technical drawings;

  • Checking, placing and securing the parts to be assembled;

  • Sometimes manipulating the parts manually (e.g. drilling);

  • Checking the assembly and assembly and making the necessary adjustments.

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  • You have a bachelor's degree in electromechanics/mechanics/maintenance techniques/automechanics or you are equivalent through experience.

  • You are very good at reading technical drawings and plans.

  • You can build machines for the automotive industry according to plan.

  • You have sufficient knowledge of mechanics, pneumatics and hydraulics.

  • You can work independently, you know how to tackle problems and you can reason logically.

  • We are open to motivated school-leavers.


  • Checking, placing and securing the parts to be assembled (frames, profiles, structures, etc.).

  • Performing precision manual assembly and fitting (small-scale metalworking, Micromechanics, optics, etc.).

  • Checking the assembly and fitting (appearance, parallelism, clearance, strength, Functioning...) and making the necessary adjustments.

  • Determine the actions for assembly, fitting and adjustments.

  • Manually work or finish the pieces (drilling, flattening, deburring, smoothing, etc.).

  • Touch up or finish surfaces (sheet metal, paintwork, etc.).

  • Installing but not connecting electrical wiring.

  • Adjust automated production equipment (enter parameters, reset...).

  • Protect the parts (cover, package...) and ship.


We offer you:

  • A permanent full-time job (38-hour week) in daytime work with a lot of variety and a challenge to develop yourself in a pleasant working atmosphere

  • Job security and stability

  • A place in a young team

  • The possibility to go abroad (if you wish) to install machines (short stays of maximum 1 week);

  • A job close to home and in a traffic-free region, because the place of employment is Herk-de-Stad;

  • A competitive salary;

  • Leave that you can freely choose (e.g.: no fixed leave in the summer).


Please contact us:

  • By e-mail:

  • By phone: +32 (0)13 31 57 36

  • Fill in the application form on this page.


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